Air Pressure Testing

Air Pressure Testing

Whilst considerable effort has been made over the years, UK dwellings in their full life cycle from the manufacture of the materials, through to its construction and eventual ownership, unfortunately, still produce a staggering amount of carbon gases and need building air pressure testing. This air test measures the air permeability of a building to see how easily air is passed through the building’s envelope.

Improving the air permeability of a building and therefore the quality of a dwelling’s envelope, is a way of reducing home pollution together with the end user’s energy bills. It also reduces the possibility of a cold, draughty house and helps eliminate common building defects such as ‘cold bridging’.

Approved Document L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales and the Section 6 of the Technical Handbook for Scotland requires provision to be made for the conservation of fuel and power, and an acceptable level of air permeability.  This is demonstrated through air pressure testing or an air performance test (APT).

In simple terms, the building is pressurised, to establish if there are any leaks within the structure as a whole.

Technical Services

Our in-house team Build-Zone Survey Services Limited (BZSS) has established a network of surveyors and approved inspectors who are able to facilitate air pressure testing and measure air permeability for your development. They are also able to arrange SAP assessments, EPC Certification, water calculations and extract fan testing.  Please follow the link above for further information.

Build-Zone not only provides approved inspectors and surveyors for air pressure testing but also a variety of home warranty and insurances for properties including a new home warranty, self-build warranty, commercial build warranty and much more.

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