Technical Audit Process

What are Technical Audits?

Our in-house team Build-Zone Survey Services Limited (BZSS), a dedicated technical services resource company, provides the required level of technical expertise when it comes to construction site audits. They electronically manage the auditing requirements of our UK and Ireland network of partnered surveyors, approved inspectors (AI’s) and assigned certifiers (AC’s). The partnered surveyors and professionals are selected for their ability to provide the specific surveying and technical audit skills needed to assess your project.

Before we issue your warranty, we need to ensure that your development meets our requirements. To achieve this, BZSS will appoint a partnered surveyor, AI or AC to undertake the construction site audit process. This process involves a plan check, followed by a series of technical audits. The technical audit requires your development to comply with the relevant building regulations or building standards for the territory where the development is being built. Additionally, other legislation and guidance is used together with acceptable and recognised local building methods and good building practice to ensure compliance.

The Technical Audit Process

The construction site audit process starts well before work starts on site and the appointed surveyor will carry out a plan check. The plan check should be completed and issues resolved, prior to works commencing on site.

A series of technical audit site visits will be carried out during the course of construction, to ensure the building works are compliant with both the building regulations and the requirements of the warranty.

Once the building works have been completed to the satisfaction of BZSS, and all relevant certification has been received, BZSS will issue technical audit approval to Build-Zone to enable the issue of your warranty.

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