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Build-Zone New Home Warranty

A New Home Warranty from Build-Zone is a new build structural warranty that covers your new build property (constructed within the last two years) from structural issues that may be caused by defects in design, material or workmanship. Build-Zone are not only a new build warranty provider, we also provide cover for projects involving new build, conversion, social housing, build-to-rent, major projects and mixed-use developments.

Building a new property is a huge financial investment and it can also provide a significant financial return for you as the property developer or builder. 


With a brand new property development and excited buyers, what could possibly go wrong…?


Any builder or developer knows the complications that can come with property, even new builds. 


Build-Zone’s New Home Warranty not only gives you the peace of mind that your development or project has an ‘A’ rated backed structural warranty for 10 years, but our New Home Warranties are also fully transferable to the new owners on completion of the purchase and are accepted by the majority of lenders in the UK.


Get a quote for your New Home Warranty online or contact us today.  

Have you bought a home benefiting from a Build-Zone Warranty?

Home buyers can enjoy your new build with added peace of mind that the unit is protected by the Build-Zone New Home Warranty.

You can rest easy knowing that you’re protected should you find structural issues caused by defects in design, workmanship and materials with your new home. The New Home Warranty at Build-Zone keeps you protected for 10 years from completion and is transferable if you need to sell. If you need to make a claim on your New Home Warranty, see our claims page. 

What is a New Home Warranty?

A New Home Warranty is a 10-year structural warranty that protects the new works of a new build, renovation, conversion or extension against the costs that will be incurred if a property presents structural issues caused by design, workmanship or materials within the first 10 years. Homeowners benefit from this cover as they can enjoy their new build without the worry of paying avoidable expenses for any potential issues that may occur with the property’s structure.


A Structural Warranty is a lender requirement in the UK, meaning any builders or developers who are selling their new builds once completed will need a New Home Warranty in place. The Build-Zone New Home Warranty is available on new builds, conversion projects and mixed-use developments and is accepted by the majority of lenders in the UK. 

Why is a New Home Warranty needed?

Newly-built properties need to be protected against structural defects that may arise, caused by defects in design, workmanship or materials. Structural issues can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and often take many years to appear. This is why you need a New Home Warranty from a provider that has proven itself in the market with ‘A’ rated backing. Build-Zone has been providing structural warranties since 2003 and only uses ‘A’ rated insurers so you have peace of mind.

Although a New Home Warranty isn’t required by law, most mortgage lenders consider this type of cover on the build mandatory when they consider lending to potential homeowners, meaning they won’t provide a mortgage until a New Home Warranty has been acquired by the developer.

Why choose Build-Zone as your New Home Warranty provider?

Build-Zone is backed by ‘A’ rated insurers, meaning we only work with the very best. When it comes to choosing a New Home Warranty, always choose an ‘A’ rated insurance provider for stability and peace of mind. Choosing an inexperienced company or one using unrated insurers could leave you uninsured throughout the remainder of your cover if they remove themselves from the market, leaving you in breach of your mortgage, unable to sell your property or exposed to the costs for structural defects.


New Home Warranties are long-term policies of 10 or even 12 years, which is much longer than the average annual insurance policy. When you take out a product like this, you need to be confident that your provider will still be operational at the end of the policy period, or your property could end up uninsured and in breach of mortgage conditions.

What is included in the Build-Zone New Home Warranty?

Build-Zone New Home Warranty customers benefit from their homes having been assessed through a set of technical audits carried out by an approved inspector through our in-house technical team, BZSS. Technical audits are different to building control visits which focus on the build being compliant with building regulations.


Technical Audits are the inspections and sign-off stages required by an insurer to issue the warranty on completion of the property. Any issues identified during these visits during the build are rectified and signed off by the approved inspector. This adds a level of reassurance to the home buyer that the property has been built to a high standard and not just one to current building regulations. On receiving the satisfactory Technical Audit surveys and accompanying completion certification from the approved inspector, the structural warranty will be issued. The Build-Zone New Home Warranty protects against structural defects caused by design, material and workmanship for 10 years post-completion. All of Build-Zone's structural warranties are fully transferable to a new owner should you wish to sell, approved by the majority of lenders in the UK and backed by ‘A’ rated insurers.

Features of the New Home Warranty:

  • No membership or registration fees

  • Accepted by the majority of lenders in the UK and an associate of UK Finance 

  • We can consider covering part-completed or completed projects subject to survey reports being provided for assessment.

  • Fast quotation turnaround

  • Quick response from professional, nationwide technical auditing/survey service

  • Flexible payment method

  • 10-year structural warranty cover

  • Full risk transfer in years 3-10 of cover

  • Cover available for mixed-use developments

  • Cover as standard for alternative accommodation, additional costs, removal of debris and professional fees

  • The warranty is underwritten by an ‘A’ rated global insurer & each case is subject to full technical review by Build-Zone Survey Services Limited with the aim of minimising any defects right from the design stage.

Technical Services

Technical services are handled by our in-house team, Build-Zone Survey Services Limited (BZSS). They can facilitate building control for you with one of their partnered approved inspectors. Every inspection is audited by BZSS to give you further peace of mind.

Where building control has already been arranged elsewhere, technical audits are undertaken by one of BZSS's partnered approved inspectors to ensure the project reaches the standard required for the issue of the warranty. Both insurers and Build-Zone understand the value of this service and this is reflected in the premiums that are charged. The sooner that BZSS are involved, the greater the benefit that can be realised.

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