2 July 2019

Complying with the Build-Zone Technical Manual

By Build Zone

As well as complying with the requirements of the relevant Building Regulations and other relevant Regulations and Codes of Practice, all new and converted structures benefiting from any Build-Zone warranty must meet the standards required by Build-Zone for the issue of a structural warranty.

The Build-Zone Technical Manual has been prepared in order to assist developers and builders in achieving the required standard, and is a benchmark of the quality of build we expect from all developers, builders or their sub contractors.

To satisfy the Requirements of this manual you must comply with:

  • The applicable technical requirements of the Building Regulations. This will be dependent upon the location within the United Kingdom (i.e. England and Wales, Scotland,Northern Ireland) or Ireland.All other statutory technical requirements e.g. Water Regulations, Gas (Installation and Use) Regulations, etc.

  • Relevant British or European Standards in respect of design, workmanship and materials.

  • Agreement certificates in respect of composite materials and building components

  • Any additional requirements set by Build-Zone such as Insurance Backed Guarantees for flat roofs or tanking systems,together with the relevant testing of the underground drainage installation.

  • The completion of a satisfactory Technical Audit Assessment undertaken by Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd. When interpreting these Requirements and Guidance the standards of construction achieved shall never fall below the minimum standard set by the applicable Building Regulations.

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