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BLP loses underwriter partnership but don’t worry build-zone are here to help!

BLP Insurance, providers of residential structural warranty and commercial latent defects insurance, will end their partnership with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) for residential, commercial, and mixed-use warranty schemes later this year.

The agreement will come to an end on 27th November 2020. Policyholders will still have access to a full claims service relating to all policies agreed up to that date.

Build-Zone is a market-leading provider of Latent Defects Insurance in all types of projects including Custom Build, Residential Estates and Blocks, Mixed-Use, and Commercial developments. They have been operating since 2003 and are poised to fill the gap for BLP policyholders, working in partnership with leading ‘A’ rated Insurers.

Paul Kempton, Managing Director, Build-Zone comments:

“The Latent Defects market has suffered a number of setbacks in recent times, but as we head into this period of economic uncertainty, people are going to need help and advice to protect their investments and at reasonable costs.

In response, Build-Zone has set up a specialist team to handle and advise clients past and future – including Technical Services and Risk Management.

Whatever your project- whether it is £1M or £100M - we can provide the Structural Warranty that you need.”

By dealing directly, Build-Zone can provide substantial savings with no additional fees charged by Brokers, and with the provision of their in-house Technical Services team, this means further expensive fees or ‘administration loadings’ can be avoided as well.

If you are experiencing delays in getting quotations for residential, mixed-use, conversion schemes, then please talk to us today.

We have a team of expert decision-makers (with the backing of A-rated insurers) ready to take your call on our Helpline: 0345 2309873.

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