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Build-Zone supports Real Developer Index 2021

Trusted Land's Real Developer Index is where small to medium-sized property developers are recognised for their achievements and track record. To qualify, they look at a combination of private, public and original data to identify suitable firms, namely via direct applications, and those standout firms identified by a research team.

Compiled by TrustedLand and partner LandTech, the Real Developer Index is published in print and online in January each year and distributed to over 250 land agents, sourcers and representatives, plus other key stakeholders. The recognised firms then receive access to monthly invitation-only 'SME Meet & Greets', industry-leader meetings and Virtual Conferences.

Build-Zone is proud to be an Associate Partner for the Real Developer Index 2021.

Alex Harrington-Griffin, Founder of Trusted Land said:

"My observations into recognising the 50 Real Developers of 2021 are that we must be working amongst some of the most robust, driven, committed and considered businesses in the country, let alone the industry.

With the opportunity to witness, discuss and support not only navigating the challenges, but the adaptation, the refocus, and the re-energising of so many established development companies is hugely inspiring, and more than anything, a reinforcement of what Real Developer stands for. Much like our chosen partners this year, the Real Developers of 2021 have demonstrated why they are in development for a long-time, not just a good time. They’ve incorporated diverse business understanding and initiative with industry-specific strategy and tactics, to push through the pandemic with a forward-focus that will inform a whole new chapter in their legacy."

You can download a copy of the Real Developer Index 2021 here.

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