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Delivering a diverse land and property portfolio

Homes England is striving to work with the full spectrum of housebuilders to deliver, at pace, high-quality homes that local areas are in desperate need of. The key aim is to ensure more people in England have access to well-designed homes in the places they want to live. To make this happen, they work with partners to identify what housing is required and get more homes built where they are needed most. They work to speed up the delivery of homes, tackle market failure where it happens and help to shape a more resilient and more diverse housing market.

Homes England - Land Hub - Working with housebuilders
Homes England - Land Hub - Working with housebuilders

The Land Hub is an interactive map that sets out the sites that Homes England is intending to bring forward to the market. Site details are subject to on-going review to take into account:

  • Discussions with local partners

  • Discussions with the market

  • Due diligence

  • Options analysis, which brings a sharper focus to place-making

As the government’s housing accelerator, the Land Hub is committed to ensuring that land isn’t held on to longer than necessary, and be transparent with the market regarding upcoming opportunities.

Their land and property portfolio is diverse, with significant differences in site characteristics such as size, development potential and strategic importance to a local area. So each development and disposal opportunity that is brought forward is unique.

As part of their commitment to ensuring a consistent approach to disposing of our land, we adopt the following principles:

  1. Ensuring that every sale has clear objectives from the outset.

  2. Consistency in the way site-specific sale strategies are prepared.

  3. Undertaking early and meaningful market engagement.

  4. Establishing the appropriate level of investment before a sale.

  5. Providing clarity around the key commercial terms of the deal.

  6. Consistency in the application of ‘overage’ provisions.

  7. Transparency around our sale pipeline.

Through their land sales, not only do they make surplus public land available for housing, but they also realise their policy objectives and aim to balance these with ensuring that they deliver value for money and whilst ensuring that sites are considered commercially attractive to all types of developers and house builders.

The nature of the work means they work collaboratively with local partners (Local Authorities, Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and other public sector landowners) to ensure that sales, where appropriate are aligned with their local plans and ambitions.

The Land Hub replaces what we were previously known as the Land Development and Disposal Plan.


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