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Do I need structural warranty for a new home?

You will need a structural warranty insurance policy to gain protection against any fundamental structural problems with a new building, typically for up to 10 years after completion. Mortgage lenders will insist on a warranty, meaning you will not be able to sell your development properties to buyers using a Lender. But what do you really need to know when choosing a structural warranty provider?

Choosing Structural Warranty Insurance
Choosing Structural Warranty Insurance

How much does a structural warranty cost?

As a rule of thumb, it’s usually a good idea to budget 1% of your indicative build costs. This will be payable ahead of any work whatsoever occurring on site. A retrospective structural warranty is much harder to get, so any decisions around insurance should be made right at the beginning of your project.

What does a Build-Zone structural warranty usually cover?

Major damage to the structural elements of your home, including:

  • Foundations

  • Load-bearing parts of floors, staircases, and associated guard rails, walls, and roofs, together with load-bearing retaining walls necessary for providing support to the structure

  • Roof covering

  • Any external finishing surface

  • Waterproof Envelope.

Our structural warranties are underwritten by an ‘A’ Rated global insurer and each case is subject to full technical review by Build-Zone Survey Services Limited with the aim of minimising any defects right from the design stage.

For more information on any of our structural warranty insurance policies, explore our products here:

The importance of choosing an ‘A’ Rated backed insurer

Build-Zone only uses secure, ‘A’ Rated insurers, to provide peace of mind in a market that over the last few years has seen a number of unrated insurers go into liquidation, leaving their customers without cover. This, in turn, has left their policyholders without a valid warranty, breaching their mortgage terms.

Our range of warranties are effective for 10 to 12 years from the date of practical completion, so these are considered long-term policies, so it’s wise to choose an ‘A’ Rated insurer to give you the confidence that your protection is in place for the long-haul.

‘A’ rated insurer-backed structural warranties

Discover more about our A’Rated Insurer backed structural warranties for New Homes, Commercial, Mixed-Use, Build to Rent, Social Housing, Self-Build, and Custom Build schemes together with our leading technical services company: Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd.

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