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Making insurance fun! Own the Build Podcast episode 85 is out!

Last week Joe Gooden caught up with Paul Heming from the 'Own the Build Podcast' series, for an enjoyable chat. In episode 85, they chatted through a range of topics relating to Structural Warranties and Inherent/Latent Defects, plus a little about Joe's love for vinyl records and how insurance can be FUN!

If you fancy a listen, you can do so here (make sure to subscribe and review as well);

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At Build-Zone, we understand how important having 'A' Rated security is so our Build-Zone Warranty is backed by an 'A' Rated global insurer and has received full approval from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). Plus, we make sure every case we cover is subject to a full technical review by Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd, so we can help you minimise any defects right from the start.

Build-Zone provides 'A' Rated backed latent defects insurance to suit the unique requirements of your development or project, including new home warranty and structural warranties for residential developments. This also includes social housing, mixed-use, commercial developments, and major projects.

With the backing of an 'A' Rated insurer, you receive peace of mind from a dependable organisation that provides help when you need it most and for the full length of your policy.

Watch out for the next Podcast!

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