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Were you an Alpha Customer now needing help with a new warranty?

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Build-Zone Helpline: 0345 2309873

Build-Zone Helpline: 0345 2309873
Build-Zone Helpline: 0345 2309873

FSCS have announced they will compensate Alpha Insurance latent defect premium insurance policyholders following the collapse of the deal arranged by BCR Legal Group Ltd to provide replacement cover for Alpha’s 10-year latent defect/structural damage insurance policies. As a result, Alpha policyholders cannot be expected to wait any longer and FSCS is to pay premium refund compensation to around 14,000 policyholders directly and cheques will be posted in the coming weeks. FSCS is also writing to the remaining 6,500 policyholders with instructions on what steps the policyholders must take to submit their claim.

FSCS recommends that policyholders seek professional advice on obtaining replacement cover as soon as possible by contacting a suitable insurance broker who specialises in latent defect/structural damage policies. Policyholders may be in breach of their mortgage terms and conditions if they do not have a valid latent defect policy for their property.

If you were an Alpha Customer and now need help with a new warranty, then please talk to us today. We have a team of experts ready to take your call on our Helpline: 0345 2309873.

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