Building Control

What is Building Control?

The statutory building control process ensures that ALL building work is carried out to set building standards, in the interest of health & safety of the occupiers, users and the public.  This is applied through the ‘approved documents’, forming the Building Regulations for England and Wales and the Building Standards, if you are building in Scotland. However, other legislation and guidance are also used together with acceptable and recognised local building methods to ensure compliance.
The main purpose of the Building Regulations is to:
  • Secure the health and safety of people in and around buildings
  • Promote conservation of energy
  • Provide access to buildings and facilities for people of all abilities
These building standards apply to many aspects of building work and to all types of properties including new build, commercial and social housing. They can also apply to minor works such as replacing windows, doors or removing an internal load-bearing wall. They may also apply when a property changes its use, e.g. from a house into flats.

How we can facilitate Building Control?

Our in-house team, Build-Zone Survey Services Limited (BZSS), a dedicated technical services resource company, provides the required level of technical expertise as well as electronically managing the auditing requirements of Build-Zone’s UK and Ireland networks of partnered surveyors, approved inspectors and assigned certifiers.

BZSS have established a network of approved inspectors and assigned certifiers, who are able to facilitate the building control process, for a huge variety of projects throughout England, Wales and Ireland.  BZSS are not able to provide the building control service in Scotland, as at present only local authorities are able to provide the building control function.

All the approved inspectors we use during the building control process are highly qualified and experienced specialists and are fully audited by BZSS, to ensure a continued high level of service. In England and Wales they are registered as approved inspectors, under the Construction Industry Council and operate under the Building Regulations 2000. In Ireland, the inspectors are termed assigned certifiers and operate under the Building Control Regulations 2014.

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BZSS’s network of approved inspectors and assigned certifiers allows the building control function and the warranty technical audit visits to be combined using a single inspector/certifier, which can have substantial savings for our customers both financially and for convenience.

If you have already appointed one of our approved inspectors for building control services, before you have arranged a structural warranty, do not worry as BZSS are able to work with them to undertake the technical audits required for the warranty. This can still mean substantial cost savings over the use of externally sourced inspectors or the local authority building control.

Build-Zone’s other technical services include air pressure testing and energy performance services.