25 July 2019

What's the best insurance for Small Housing Developments?

By Build Zone

What’s the best insurance for small housing developers?

Developer insurance is designed to provide cover for small-to-medium new build housing developments with a professional reinstatement cost up to £1.5 million; and larger projects on referral. Developer insurance is suitable for renovation, conversion as well as extension projects on existing properties.

Developer site insurance can provide comprehensive cover on a project-by-project basis. It’s very important to invest in cover when spending money on properties to sell or rent. Whether the project is a conversion, renovation, extension or a new build you will need comprehensive protection for both the building, the rest of the site and activities.

Whether you’re a first-time property developer refurbishing or converting your first house or apartment or simply extending a house; or an experienced developer, repurposing an existing property or building a multi-property site, it’s essential that you put in place the right developer site cover to protect yourself from potential financial and legal problems that may arise whilst developing properties.

Our developer site insurance will provide you with the cover that’s specifically tailored to your development project. We provide employers’ and public liability insurance as standard to cover you, your employees and any other third parties (or third-party properties) against injury or property damage. This includes the cost of defending and/or pursuing a claim.

If you have a party wall agreement in place with one or more neighbours, you may be responsible for rectifying any damage caused to their property (however serious) so you should seek professional party wall advice in this respect and make sure you have adequate cover in place such as Self-Build Zone’s developer site insurance. We can also provide JCT 6.5.1 Insurance.

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