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Construction industry will lead economic recovery

The construction sector employs over 8% of the total workforce across the UK and represents 8% of GDP. This is around eight times larger than the contribution of the automotive industry to our national economic output. Furthermore, the UK influences over 30% of GVA through the impact of the users of the built environment we design.

During the early stages of the pandemic many construction firms were hit hard, but the industry as a whole, recovered quickly and importantly, the potential for growth and creating jobs rapidly is still possible. As long as the sector maintains a winning mix of blended skills – the engineers, planners, and project managers – the construction industry will continue to deliver for clients and society and will fuel future economic recovery.

This week, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma MP, has written a letter paying tribute to the UK construction industry

In the letter, addressed to “everyone working in the construction sector”, he expresses “admiration for all the work you are doing.”

He goes on to say “The construction sector, which is a key part of our economy, remains open.

“Where it is essential to travel to your place of work to do your job, you should continue to do so. Building merchants and hardware stores will be able to stay open to support this as normal or through click-and-collect services.”

Alok Sharma also said: “You (the industry) have performed a vital role. In the past six months, we have seen the industry build the Nightingale Hospitals, accelerate the delivery of infrastructure projects, support vital public services and help the country adapt buildings to become Covid-Secure.

“Whilst doing this, the industry has itself had to innovate and adapt, changing the way it operates on sites, finding more efficient ways of delivering projects and collaborating effectively throughout the supply chain.”



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