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Protecting developer build schemes with a structural warranty

Build-Zone has been providing Structural Warranties and Commercial Latent

Defects Insurance since 2003, backed by A-rated Insurers and approved by

Lenders. We offer a fresh and flexible approach to Structural Warranties for Residential

Developments, Commercial and Mixed-Use projects no matter the size.

As world events lead to an accelerated fundamental re-think on the important

factors we should be considering when purchasing new homes, what was seemingly already a tough market for SME developers may to some, have felt like it just got that bit tougher.

"As longstanding new home structural warranty providers, we are all too aware of some of the challenges facing our clients, but we also believe that such challenges are also opportunities that our developers are geared to deliver against. Build-Zone Insurance has been working to help secure saleability for our developers since long before the 2008 economic downturn. We know that when the going gets tough, it is in fact SME developers that with the right support, often step up and deliver faster to changing market needs".

We are already starting to see our clients explore new potential in the repurposing of larger commercial property, not just in the high street but also in what has until recently been considered viable commercial space.

Highly skilled and experienced, our SME clients are often the first to look at non-traditional types of construction that might speed up (as well as lower the cost) of delivering homes to market. We are seeing our developers continue to uniquely market higher levels of bespoke off-plan layout tailoring, in order to secure sales earlier in the build process, as our homes continue to evolve into places of work, study, and play for the family unit.

Whilst we may be seeing a fall in the desirability of central locations and a move to more cellular living, we simply don’t know how long this trend may continue for SME developers are they are better placed to traverse these uncertainties.

The one certainty is that change will always happen. As one of the longest-standing specialist warranty providers in the UK construction market today, we believe that we are well placed to continue supporting our clients across their upcoming developments during these uncertain times with a high-value combination of unique policy options, a supportive technical process, and knowledge-based dedicated direct relationship management.

Zaf Choudry is Build-Zone's Business Development Manager. Connect with him here.

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