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Why consider Build-Zone for your structural warranty?

The Build-Zone team has vast experience in an extensive range of Structural Warranties in the UK and Ireland for over 20 years.

Here at Build-Zone we offer an extensive range of structural warranty products and latent defects insurance to cover all types of projects and developments throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland – including Residential, Commercial, Mixed-use, Permitted Developments, and Regeneration schemes. Whatever your project, we can work with you and your team to get you the cover that you need.

Our office is based in Sevenoaks, Kent, but we benefit from a nationwide network of specially selected Approved Inspectors, specialist Surveyors, Engineers and Architects in the UK and also Assigned Certifiers in the Republic of Ireland. They all have to be approved by our very experienced Risk Management company, Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd (BZSS). Our Business Development Team also operates throughout the UK and Ireland and is happy to come and see you whenever you have large projects looming. In February 2021, Chartered insurance broker, Aston Lark has acquired Sennocke International Insurance Services Ltd and Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd making them a 'force to be reckoned with in construction insurance'.

Build-Zone believes in maintaining high standards and will not compromise quality. Unlike others, we deal directly with our Insurer Partners and don't go through third parties or other intermediaries, like so many, which helps to secure our position in the market.

As a company, Build-Zone is proud to be TSI approved and an Associate of UK Finance (formerly the CML – Council of Mortgage Lenders). This gives our customers the peace of mind that our structural warranties will be accepted by the majority of lenders in the UK. Build-Zone Policies have also been accepted by major Lenders in the Republic of Ireland where Build-Zone has been involved in some major projects.

Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd (BZSS), our in-house dedicated technical services resource company, arranges Technical Audits for the Structural warranties. They can also facilitate building control via the approved inspector network, which can result in substantial savings for our customers. Our in-house team is in regular contact with our network of approved inspectors and building professionals to make sure that any remediations or issues are resolved as quickly as possible to prevent delays on your project.

Our Warranty products include:

  • New Home Lender Approved warranty

  • Commercial Warranty/ Inherent Defects Insurance for Commercial and large projects

  • Mixed-use Development properties

  • Social Housing

  • Completed Housing

  • Self-Build and Custom Build (through our sister brand Self-Build Zone).

All of our Structural Warranties are underwritten by ‘A’ rated global insurers and each case is subject to full technical review by Build-Zone Survey Services Limited with the aim of minimising any defects right from the design stage. We don’t just sell on minimums or on price – we are professional brokers where Quality and Service matter.

Example of New Home Warranty features:

  • We don’t charge you Membership or Registration Fees

  • We are Associate Members of UK Finance (formerly CML) and are often engaged with them to improve their knowledge base for their members.

  • We can consider covering or advising on part-complete or completed projects

  • Leading nationwide Technical Auditing, Surveyor, and Building Professional services.

It’s never been easier for customers to get a quote, enquire through our interactive online forms or call one of our experienced team to discuss your Project’s warranty.

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